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2019 NAPA Spring Sizzler Vintage All-Stars Entry List





Owner: El Herbert
Driver: El Herbert
Original Driver: Joe Hurley
Car History: Raced at Wall Stadium


Owner: Darryl Dutch
Driver: Darryl Dutch
Original Driver: Darryl Dutch
Car History: -


Owner: Jim Kelly
Driver: Jim Kelly
Original Driver: Jim Kelly
Car History: A tribute to the Jim Kelly Chevrolet Vega Modified which campaigned at various Long Island Speedways and other tracks and appeared at the 1980 Spring Sizzler.


Owner: Mike Teague
Driver: Mike Teague
Original Driver: Dave Smith
Car History: Dave Smith raced this car all around New England. Scott Dion has been driving it most recently with the Vintage Outlaws and he also raced this event with this car last season as the #04.


Owner: Ken Southard, Sr.
Driver: Ken Southard, Sr.
Original Driver: Bill Cummings
Car History: Home built Troyer copy; built in 1978, ran the Northeast


Owner: Mark Miller
Driver: Mark Miller
Original Driver: John Meade
Car History: John & George Meade ran at Islip and Riverhead Raceway and had a good relationship with Richie Evans. After John wrecked his car, Richie Evans lent them a chassis and this car is a tribute to that car due to the rarity of the Evans chassis.


Owner: Curt Snow
Driver: Curt Snow
Original Driver: Bob Potter
Car History: Built for Bob Potter, sponsored by Dandy Donuts, Owned by Bonnville Trucking and restored by Richard Savage